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Obama Takes It Both Ways

Congress voted to defend marriages in the United States by passing the Marriage Law in 1996 defining a legal marriage as one between a man and a woman.

Now Obama on one hand has the Justice Department upholding that law by throwing out a gay couple’s suit against that law .. with Obama supporting that … while at the same time speaking out of the other side of his mouth to the gay community saying he will be working with his administration to have this law repealed.

Obama is like a slippery eel… knowing who he has to please and just how to do it.

He knows his backing from the black community has a strong moral feeling against the gay lifestyle.  He cannot afford to stir that up.

He also knows his strong backing from the gay community has been based on his promises to “fix” all the “bad” laws that “discriminate” against the gays.

He needs to have it both ways .. but how?


Do exactly what he has just done.

Uphold the law using the reasoning that the law seems to be a legally constituional law .. therefore bowing to the black communioty …. while patting the gays in continuing to promise to do all he can to ” examine and implement measures that will help extend rights and benefits” to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender couples under existing law  .. probably relying on the fact that the gays are so conditioned to this response they will expect no other.

Hmmm.. wonder how long this bridge will last?

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