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Obama vs Netanyahu

File photo of U.S. President Obama listening as Israeli PM Netanyahu delivers a statement in Washington














What is President Obama really trying to do as he fights to negotiate a deal with Iran which will lead Iran to getting nuclear bombs?

Iran wants to eradicate Israel from the map and has declared “death to America” … and no matter how Obama wants to pretend Iran doesn’t “really mean” that…. it does.

Obama is not stupid.  He knows exactly what he is doing.

It is just sad he won’t come right out and tell we the people…but then again… he most likely did….right from when he first began to campaign for the presidency and said he would “fundamentally change” this country.

He meant that in every sense of the word …. obviously .. right down to “changing ” who are our allies and who are our enemies.

He would have us become allies of our worst enemies … and alienate all those who would dare stand up for the America we all know and love.

He does not want Americans to believe we are the strongest nation on earth… nor does he want us to remain the freest.  He has made that obvious with every move he has made and continues to make.

Now Obama is on a campaign to destroy Netanyahu and he will leave no stone unturned in doing so…. no matter what lies or smearing he has to use to do so.

That is becoming painfully obvious as we read today about the allegation of the “spying” Israel has done and how it has “used” that spying to “undermine U.S. diplomacy”.

It is so obvious that this is a manufactured charge and it has been done for one reason only….. to weaken our trust in Israel … to make them look like our enemy.

Where are we headed?

At this point … only God knows.

Let us all hope and pray He still is standing for this country.