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Obama: “World Leader … World View”

Dr. Keith Ablow has a very interesting article on Obama and why he may be doing the things he is or isn’t doing … all which seem to be against we the people.

Ebola outbreak: why Obama is allowing ebolophobia to spread.

This is not to say I do not agree with Dr. Ablow.  I can see easily how this could all be …. especially taking in the background of Obama .. his childhood .. the example set by his mother …. the disasters seen in his own family in the way of life patterns.

This is not a man who is using the office he has been elected into to put we the people first and foremost in all things.

It is quite the opposite …. as we have seen.

He is using his position to ‘equalize’ us … to make us the same as all other third world parties … for after all … isn’t that the only fair thing to do?

Of course it is …. as long as it does not stop him or those who benefit him from living the lifestyle they choose.

His thinking only refers to the guilty … you and me.

As Dr. Ablow states … he , Obama, sees himself as the world leader … a global citizen.

That then gives him the justification to do all that he is doing to bring down this country.


By the way … with the announcement that a second person .. one who treated the one who died in Dallas of ebola.. has now contracted ebola .. with hasmat dress.

What in the world is protecting those poor people who are flying on those flights out of the infected areas in Africa … those who will deplane and get ‘tested’ for ebola … along with those who will HAVE ebola.

What in the world is stopping them from contracting it on the plane from  those who already have it?

What will be stopping them from spreading it here for they will have NO symptoms when “tested” upon landing.


Insane madness.