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Obama’s Convenient Pre Election War



It is amazing to me … the war that is now taking place.  What amazes me is the timing of it … and the press play it is getting.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh today … I realized we are really alone in this war.

Is Britain there with us …  is France there with us … is Germany there with us?

Who is there with us?

Also .. here we go again …. forecasting to the enemies we are fighting in this war exactly what our strategies will be.

Why?  To prevent as much damage as possible … to give the enemy time to protect or get out of our way?

Who out there thinks this may be a great endeavor to fool we the people who are vulnerable enough to be fooled just in time for the mid term election? After all … those who do not know any better couldn’t possibly help but applaud such a brave president who will throw all caution aside and just jump in and fight that horrible ISIS out there to protect us… could they?

The problem is …. it does not seem like ISIS is the main problem now .. for as Rush says… a new terror group is just suddenly in the headlines …. terrorist with the name of the Khorasan Group … and man it is a good thing we decided to act in Syria now because this Khorasan Group was just days or inches or minutes away from carrying out planned attacks on the United States and the Western world.

It is a very very sad day when the government announces something like this and the first thought that comes is ….. wow… what they won’t do to try to improve Obama’s standings.

It is a very very sad day when that thought comes and you realize that there is no one in power in our government that you can trust … including the generals who were hand-picked replacements by Obama for the true military generals that were kicked out from their commands by Obama.

It is a very very sad day when our Commander in Chief puts us to war with a coalition of Gatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia .. no England, France, Germany , Turkey…..

It is a very very sad day when all you can feel is that Obama is using our military for one reason and one reason only …. to bolster his political standing…. by making it look like he is foiling an imminent attack on our country by a group of enemies of ours that no one had ever heard of until a few days ago … or in cases like myself … until today.

Could it possibly be all made up?  Could it really be he is using our very real fear of terrorist attacks against us … we the people?

I would hope I am all wrong and that this is not just a convenient pre-election war playing real  people for poll ratings.

Will we ever know?

The media will never tell us … that is for sure.

Perhaps time will tell.