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Obama’s Justice

Obama’s  justice …  as he contemplates the type of person he would want sitting on the Supreme Court of our land  “..justice is not just about some  abstract legal theory”  ….  but about how laws affect the daily lives of Americans.

Sounds really interesting….

Hmmmm…. I don’t like how that law impeded my right to speed as I was already late and just had to get to where I was going ON  TIME.   

Wow… that law .. the one that tells me I need to fulfill my contract I signed in good faith .. that is really affecting my lifestyle … it just is not a good law for me.

Now that law over there…. the one that says I cannot expect the government to buy me a car.. why.. that just is not fair!  I need a car… a dependable car.. just as badly as you over there and just because you have a good job and can pay for one yourself… that is more reason than ever you … the government or someone .. should give me one.

Murder?  That wasn’t murder Your Honor… that was a natural outcome of a life that had to watch people buying that which they wished… traveled wherever they wanted … had whatever they wanted.. while he had NOTHING.

Of course the pressure was going to build up.. of course something was going to happen that would show the effects of having had to live like this.  

Murder???? Oh no Your Honor.  Just a natural outcome of a tough life to live.

That law there.. the one that says I am not allowed to help myself to these goods in this store.. that is just unfair.  LOOK at how I am forced to live.  Just LOOK.  How in the world can that law apply to ME??????  It can’t.  I have a right to this stuff as much as the next guy.

Obama’s idea of justice …. “..justice is not just about some abstract legal theory”… but how laws affect the daily lives of Americans.

Sound good to you?

Of course .. if you make good money.. work hard .. have what you need .. get nothing from anyone …worked for everything you do have …  none of this would apply to you.

After all .. it would be those awful unfair legal theories that restrict those who don’t have who need to have to take  from us who have worked to have … and what fairness is there in that?

Obama’s justice?

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