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Obama’s Main Concern About Insurance Mess


President Obama has one and only one concern concerning the whole Obamacare mess…

“Don’t blame me!”

It says that loudly and clearly in this statement from him in his announcement to “fix” the mess for all those millions who have lost their insurance plans….

“What we want to do is to be able to say to these folks, you know what, the Affordable Care Act is not going to be the reason why insurers have to cancel your plan,” Obama said of the millions who have received cancellation notices. 

Of course it isn’t!  How in the world could Obamacare have had any hand at ALL in all those people losing their insurance????


It continues and snowballs ….. uncontrolled …..

… and all in this story should be tripping over their noses by now …. Pelosi and her army of “progressives”.