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Obama’s National Security Force Taking Place?

Update: 5/1/2015 The first step to Obama’s National Police force being given a reason to exist?

Sharpton calls for DOJ to police the country…. fight states’ rights to do so.

If you know history at all … you know exactly what is taking place here. If you don’t know history …. go and study it.  Obama has led this country to where it is today with his refusal to stand up and defend the good in this country … instead blaming that good on all the evil taking place today… right to the violent reaction by thugs in Baltimore to the death of Mr. Gray…. along with every sad repressed country in the world today… to whom of course he apologized to for all of us sad selfish Americans who have never cared about anyone in the world except ourselves.

Never let a good crisis go to waste … the mantra of those who would oppress us … who would strip us of every freedom that has been fought for with the blood and lives of so many freedom valuing Americans.

Obama is one of them and I really think he believes we selfish Americans cannot be made to suffer enough…. and he will continue to do all he can … using or misusing all the power he can take … to make sure we suffer as much as he can humanly cause us to.


By the way…. yesterday the second person in the van in which  Mr. Gray was riding stepped forward to say the police did nothing to Mr. Gray but that he heard him banging off the walls of the van.  A report was made saying his injuries were caused by that action and that the wound on his head matched that of a bolt in the van.

No sooner did the witness say what he said than he tried to recant… saying he never said such a thing or something … and apparently was afraid for his life.

Now today the headlines read all police involved in his arrest are arrested and charged with murder.

Is this suspicious or what?

I applaud the Fraternal Order of Police for immediately stepping up for the officers.

Update: 4/16/2015  If this does not alarm you… nothing will. 

Armed national guard troops patrol residential streets in California.



You must remember Obama declaring how important it is that we have a national security force in place as well funded and as strong as our military.

Is it in the process of being formed?

Feds preparing to invade Texas…list state as “hostile”.



If  push comes to shove will our military men stand for we the people?

Troops train to infiltrate civilian population without being detected….


Troops train in Florida…… martial law style drill….


Update: Minneapolis police records shed light on 2014 military training.