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Obama’s National Security Force

Obama in 2008…. remember this?

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Do you believe for a moment he has forgotten about that idea?

You know he hasn’t.

The scenario seems to be coming clearer and clearer on its own each day as we hear more and more about Homeland Security.  No longer is it just dealing with protecting we the people from terrorists.  Perhaps it never really did have that as part of its agenda … come to think of it.

More and more we are hearing reports of Homeland Security marked vehicles stopping cars on our highways and questioning the inhabitants.  We have reports of sightings of police cars with Homeland Security logos on them.

Is the new Homeland mission the federalization of all police forces?

America is being transformed by this President … in a way that should have alarmed every freedom loving American from day one of his introduction into our culture.

We were warned.  Who listened?  Who cared?

Now we have Homeland security stockpiling billions of rounds of ammuniton… hollow point to be exact … and for what?  It refuses to secure our borders … it refuses to even use the word terrorist …. it causes the humiliation of countless air traveling Americans by asking them to strip to an uncomfortable degree or be patted down in places we were all taught are private.

We have a Homeland security department who has taken it upon itself to be above Congress to the degree it has no need to answer the questions Congress has put before it concerning the ammunition.

It has set itself above all of we the people right along with this President who you just have to know is not done with fulfilling his agenda in any way.

The most transparent administration of all time?

Remember … Obama said whatever and all he had to say to get elected.  What he meant had no bearing at all on what he said.

It worked … didn’t it?

Rules for Radicals … Saul Alynsky’s step by step tutorial in how to start a revolution … and he should have put in there somewhere … and perhaps he did …. “in a way so that the poor suckers don’t have a clue as to what is really happening.”

That says it all in a nutshell.

Are you still the trusting soul you were before he came on the scene?

It was reported today that Homeland has ordered another 360.000 rounds.

Do you have any ideal what it might be for?

… from 

“The Department of Homeland Security was sold to public on a wave of fear in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, under the promise of keeping America safe from terrorism. Instead, the Homeland Stasi agency is solidifying its role as a secret police over the United States. Not only have local police agencies been instructed that non-violent protesters, returning veterans and supporters of third party candidates are potential domestic terrorists, but Federal Protective Service (FPS) agents– dispatched with Homeland Security oversight- have been caught arresting photographers and spying on dissenters (in this case during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Portland).

Recent Homeland Security-related documents have already revealed that the American people have been designated as an enemy under emergency plans and that the feds are contracting and activating FEMA relocation centers for use during a crisis or catastrophe.”

… and oh .. while we are looking at things… how about the idea of homosexuality and every single one of us being asked to accept the idea after all everyone has their right to love whom they want to love.

Well..sure .. they do.  I also have my right to believe in God and His words… which say in a quick cap…. “it is an abomination in His eyes for a man to lay with a man….”

Doesn’t even nature teach us how unnatural it is besides?

I am not allowed to say that though …. for it I do I am racist or homophobic or just plain mad.

I believe in God’s word.  I believe there are consequences for sin.  I also believe sin in forgiveable in God’s eyes through His son Jesus.

I am not allowed to say that either.

Will I one day be a target of Obama’s national security force which I believe without a doubt is being formed behind the name of Homeland Security?

You want to read this… from InfoWars… it is quite enlightening.

…. and this…the matter of Homeland Security armored trucks.

The Department of Homeland Security is becoming a behemoth completely out of control.