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Obama’s Neglect

Obama wants to be called President.  He has not yet deserved that high name in my eyes … and his chances of getting it from me has dropped even lower since his total neglect in standing up for those poor people in Iran who are giving their lives in the name of their battle for freedom.

Instead… Obama calls the reaction to the election results “troubling”.

Any other truly freedom loving President would have stood up immediately in the name of those people and strongly stood beside them with all that we freedom knowing and loving Americans have.

Obama is not one of us.   More and more he is showing his true colors as one against us in every way… right to where his most important thing about Iran is to be able to “sit” across the table from Ahmadinejad and “talk” him into behaving like a good boy.

He is mad… Obama is.

He is not living in the reality of the day at all… caught up instead in his self made false blinding image of self righteousness … and that is a very dangerous place for the person sitting in our Oval Office to be.

He … Obama .. does not stand beside every single person who stood for civil rights in the civil rights battle.  He is for bringing the racial issue back in a whole new way in to every one of our faces.

He is not about social equality or freedom .. he is all about forcing all who have achieved anything socially to answer to him by favors or taxes.. period.

He is not about freedom of choice in anything … from how much our banks can lend us and how to what kind of car we drive to what kind of lightbulb we can use in our homes.

He is about limiting our pay and our choices of where we can go as employees … and how we get there.

He is not in favor of private enterprise… which he is limiting and controlling more and more daily.

He is not for our voice being heard in Washington as he bypasses Congress on everything he can by using a stroke of his mighty pen.

He is not about freedom of speech .. for all opposition to his politics he will shut down if he can.

He is not aboutanone’s right to  life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness in any way except for himself … as he jets off on a weekend “date” to the tune of thousands and thousands of our hard earned and not yet earned dollars.

With all this going on at home.. here within our boundaries … why would it be a surprise that he does not stand beside those fighting for their own freedom in Iran?

He is not for freedom.  He is for control … his control. It shows more and more every day.. and it is not just the U.S. he aims to control.. but the whole wide world.

My heart aches for all freedom loving people all over the world.  We are fighting to maintain ours now as hard as anyone living under a demagogue regime may be fighting for theirs.

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