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Obama’s Purge Of The Top Generals

…. or … more encompassing … Obama’s purge.

Update: And the beat down of the truth goes on… and on… and on…through blatant lies.. under Obama rule.

Update: Even as Obama does his “attack” work .. he dares to admonish  (or should that be threaten?) those who would dare to demand the truth of Benghazi.

Update: General William “Kip” Ward demoted.

If you think this so called affair of four star General Patraeus is the reason he was fired … you need to wake up.  If you believe the “depowering” of General John Allen is due to his emailing of a picture of him topless …. you need a shot of adrenalin.

There is a third geneeral that Obama is being stripped of power b Obama  …

His name is General William “Kip” Ward and he is the third four star general with an exemplary career who is being found to have a reason to render irrelevant … that reason being that he “overspent”. (This  after not saying a word about all the lavish dinners and vacations of the Obama family or about such things as Nancy Pelosi’s abuse and misuse of our military planes for her own family use.)

These are all top men who have the courage and confidence to be true leaders .. men with long years of exemplary service … men who would never be anyone’s yes man.  In other words … men who would never play Obama’s game.

The Obama “purge” has begun.

Where will it stop?