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Obama’s True Colors?

In Los Angeles .. Obama spoke arrogantly and boastfully .. and angrily.

While speaking about his Supreme Court choice … Sonia Sotomayor.. he slipped in his usual perfectly controlled arrogance.  He slipped enough to allow his influence from Jeremiah Wright to shine through for all to see like a spotlight was on him …. and I wonder if the Hollywood elite even noticed?

It was with a bitter anger he spoke these words…

“I want her marching up those marble steps and start providing some JUSTICE!”

It was Jeremiah Wright all over again .. and though ony a few words .. they could have been a thousand for the tone and meaning in them.


It is about time America shows some JUSTICE!  

America has been rotten and selfish and bringing wrath down upon itself.

We need to have someone bring JUSTICE!

He was bound to slip sooner or later .. for no human can carry any pretense  off with perfection…. for we are all human.. imperfect. Our true colors always come through sooner or later no matter how hard we may try to cloak them.

So.. that was the first obvious slip in public. 

The next will come.

Obama’s true colors will shine.  The question then will be .. how many will see them?

Interesting indeed.

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