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Oh Really?

Gettelfinger said today the UAW has no intention of keeping the O/G Motors stock it has been given.

Oh really?

That can be about as believable as Obama’s statement denying any knowleddge of the New York Air Force I flyover.

By the way … who in the world do you think is going to buy one of those “new Chrylsler” products … owned by Obama and the UAW?  Who would trust them enough to dare put an investment into them?

All of the great GM products … destroyed in one fell swoop. 

Oh sure… GM has till June 1st to make its case and who do you think anyone is kidding? 

Goodbye .. Hummer.

Goodbye … Corvette.

You will never again be the same.  Not ever… no matter what happens from here on out.  

You may continue with the same image .. but it will all be changed.  

Those images .. if allowed to stand …. will now stand for government .. not freedom.

Cannot help but shed a tear … for all of us … for our great country.

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