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Oklahoma Beheading NOT Headline News?

and now this…. Al Qaeda fires rocket at US Embassy in Yemen …. and says so …. and the State Department says …. “it had no indication that the embassy was the target of the attack and that none of its staff were wounded.”   These are the people in charge of our security. Benghazi?

And another added note … it would be interesting to know the name and the background of the truck driver in the incident where a semi ran into a busload of students after crossing the median…. just interesting as it is being treated as a homicide.

Let’s say things as they could be from now on … it could have been an act of terror. Who knows how many incidents have been covered up such as the Fort Worth massacre by terming them something other than they may have or were … acts of terror?

Another added note …. and was this not to be expected?  Authorities treat beheading as ‘workplace violence’ … critics blasting the term.

Just an added note after the fact….. NOT ONE WORD FROM THE PRESIDENT … not one word concerning this beheading.  Unreal.

A woman in Oklahoma was beheaded yesterday by a man who had converted to Islam and was busy trying to convert others to Islam.

He was fired from his job.

He beheaded an employee at the company then began stabbing another when the CEO of the company … who thankfully carried a gun …. shot him.

Why has this not been headline news other than on Drudge?

Something is seriously seriously without doubt now wrong with our media.


Can we not announce it for fear of smearing Muslims?

Can we not let it be known because that would be putting a black name on Islam?

This has made headline breaking news in not one mainstream media in the country that I can see.

THIS is madness.

Of course … we are Americans and should most likely treat all things with a little more common sense with a ‘wait and see’ attitude …. such as is implied at Hot Air … and they could very well be right.

Perhaps this really had nothing at all to do with the man being Islam … but … really … if he weren’t Islam do you really think he would have beheaded the woman?

Perhaps the reason it did not make breaking headline news could have something to do with the reason this incident did not attract the attention of the same press.

Update: FOX is now carrying this as headline news.