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On To The Death Panels

And now that Obamacare has passed … the New York Times is asking the question…

“How can we learn to say no?”

Oh.. the arguments sound all so great and thoughtful and good …. after all … who doesn’t know of at least one person who goes to the doctor much more than they would have to?

But who do you know who has had prostate cancer and has been treated successfully  would have been happy if they had been told that the treatment was not necessary so they would not be able to have it?

What would you say to a once mother-to-be who was denied a cessarean birth with the end result being the death of her baby?

This would be part of the “needless care” that someone in Washington would decide was needless … after all … ” the money involved is not trivial, and it’s the obvious place to start’ … in learning how to say “no” to health care.

This is what is ahead of us.

The ‘death panels” are very much provided for in Obamacare.

Here are a few quotes from the New York Times article…..

“Learning to say no more often will be a three-step process, and if the new agencies created by the health act are run well, they can help with all three.”

Here are words put in patients’ mouths…..

“When patients are given information about potential benefits and risks, they seem to choose less invasive care, on average, than doctors do….”

The patients may “decide the risk of incontinence and impotence  isn’t worth the marginal chance of preventing prostate cancer. Or they choose cardiac drugs and lifestyle changes over stenting. Or they opt to skip the prenatal test to determine if their baby has Down’s syndrome.  Or, in the toughest situation of all, they decide to leave an intensive care unit and enter a hospice.”

This of course is laying the path for the common sense decision to have someone else “help” the patient who may not see the value of such decisions to in fact .. MAKE this decision for the patient … thus …. the “death panels”.

It is already beginning … people.

Do not be fooled.

Obamacare is no care … period … and it is here.

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