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On To The Oceans And Lakes And Rivers

Obama plans to overtake all freedoms in the United States.  He is doing it methodically and with precision .. not letting anything get in his way .. getting bills passed he needs passed .. those bills requiring spending money… in any way he can get them passed and signing executive orders for all other areas.

The healthcare bill was signed into law and Obama insisted while the battle to pass it was going on that he wanted it just passed … in any way the Senate could get it passed.  Now we know why he wasn’t so fussy.  He intended all along to rewrite the bill .. or add on to it .. at will .. shaping it to his pleasing as time goes along.

He will do that with every bill Congress passes as soon as he signs it into law.

The executive orders are another deal again.

Take the Ocean Policy Task Force recommedations which Obama plans to sign into law today through an executive order.  This task force was implemented by Obama a year ago to find ways to control all ocean fronts, lakes and rivers .. from sport fishing to offshore drilling .. in other words .. all marine activities all over the United States.

Ominous sounding?  It is ominous period… and the fact that he plans to sign it into effect with an executive order is horrible.  This is Obama taking full control over all of America’s waters.

The Los Angeles Times has an article on this today.  The proposed control is abhorrent.

Does anyone know this?  Does anyone care?

Can anyone stop it?

What will he do with the financial reform bill he just signed into law?  What about cap and trade and immigration?  Will he get them passed?  What then?

What is left to our freedoms after that?

The real question is what in the world is our media thinking.. giving Obama such a free pass on everything?  How have those who are voting for Obama’s rule become so blind?  Don’t they know this loss of freedom applies to them and theirs also?  Is there some way they believe their generations to follow them will be somehow exempt from all of this?

Not one American will be exempt… other than Obama and his elect.