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One More Obama Insult To We The People

Latest update:  Latest insults to the American people are wide and varied … and our fight for our freedom against our own administration continues … at an incomprehensible level … and if the Republicans don’t stand tough … we just may lose this war…

Cheap tricks of the game…. 

U.S. cemetery in Normandy and all other U.S. battleground memorials overseas closed…

In the midst of all the “angst” Obama is trying his best to cause …. here is a bright flash of great news… and note especially … Oil from the U.S. already has begun to displace imports, such as the higher-priced Brent, there.

“GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. Due to the government shutdown, the Defense Department can only provide limited overseas television, radio, print and web services.”

Boehner said he “sat there and listened to the majority leader in the United States Senate describe to me that he’s not going to talk until we surrender. And then this morning I get the Wall Street Journal out and it says ‘well we don’t care how long this lasts because we’re winning.’ This isn’t some damn game. The American people don’t want their government shut down and neither do I.”

“If not now… when?  If not me… who?”



As though the lies and deception told to we the people by Obama et al concerning Obamacare is not enough … now we get news that there is yet one more insult to add to we the people.

With so many many unemployed of we the people … you would think President Obama would do his best to employ one of our companies whenever in need of work to be done…. right?

Of course you would be wrong.

Turns out he has hired a Canadian group … a very Obama favored Canadian group from the looks of it.

From the Washington Examiner… comes this….

Canadian firm hired to build troubled Obamacare exchanges.