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Perhaps One More Apology?

In closing the nuclear summit this week, Obama ended with this….

Fast Tube by Casper

“Whether we like it or not we remain a dominant military superpower ….. “

Was it another apology to his friends around the world who believe as he … that we .. America .. has caused more problems than any other country on earth … but … trust him …  for it is changing?

Was this another sidestep into fulfilling that promise of change as he does his best to make us the most vulnerable country on earth?

Tell me … where would this world be today if American had not been that most dominant military power for all these years?

Stand up … America … stay proud.

We will survive this yet.  There is less than three years left.

We will remain America.

We must … not just for our sake but for the sake of the whole world.

Make sure you know who you vote for and encourage all you know to do the same.  It is all up to us … we the people.

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