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Planning To Fly?

Are you planning to fly?  If so …  the following is a must for you to read.

TSA Encounter at SAN .. the “junk” man….

It answered for me my hesitancy in wanting to make the flights I must make soon … finding myself putting them off longer and longer.  This full body scan machine is something I will not go through …  nor will I subject myself to a groping by anyone.

I applaud this person above.

We all must follow suit… for what he said is so true.  Were it anyone but the govenment groping people .. they would immediately be arrested for sexual assault.

A government’s people run amok is a mild way of putting it.

Can anything ever put this country back on track?

Nothing less than God .. and perhaps He is getting quite close to losing patience with the whole lot of us.

May He still somehow find some reason to bless this country .. even though I am beginning to lose faith that there is anything left to bless other than those of us who have to struggle with the reality of all that is with our eyes wide open.

Those who have faith in what our govenment is doing have their eyes so closed to reality that even being sexually groped in an airport at the hands of government paid people is somehow a plus for their well being.

May God bless them by opening their eyes.