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Preserving Obama’s Credibility The Worst Reason For Syria Strike

Senator John McCain met with President Obama concerning the Syria mess and came out with a “guarded” optimism about the United States attacking Syria.

He says Congress voting against a strike would “undermine the credibility of the president and America…”

The worst reason of all for us to attack would be to preserve President Obama’s credibility which is on the line for the way he has failed to stand up to his “red line” remark.

Should we really use our military to save face for him?

He made his “red line” remark … then handled it as a bluff … as a child would … refusing as usual to take responsibility for anything.

He created this “credibility” problem concerning Syria and it is only an extension of the huge loss of credibility he has already “earned” for our great country.

Let him fix it .. and let the consequences be all his.

He wanted to be a leader?

For crying out loud … make him lead.

The truth about Obama’s plan to attack Syria…. James Jay Carafano … Fox News…

Also… who exactly are the rebels in the war in Syria?

Al queda?

We want to help al queda … to save face for Obama?

Is the civil war in Syria any threat to our country?


Pure madness.

..and this certainly proves it … the fact that even one Democrat would vote to declare war on Syria for one reason only … out of loyalty to Obama … so he is not “shamed and humiliated on the  national stage.”  This is from Eleanor Holmes Norton … a Democratic Congresswoman… as reported by Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters.

.. and now we will go and turn Syria into another Egypt…. or Libya…