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Why President Trump Is Right In Going Around the Media

If you doubt President Trump is right about going around the media… read this..

“Obama linked activists have a training manual for protesting Trump”

The media is and will continue to work for the President Trump antagonists…which is evident every day in their reporting.

Obama praised the protesters…. saying he was “heartened”…. and this is a result of this..

“How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency.”

Here is our President … with and for we the people… alive an well.

“Trump replays campaign promises, slams dishonest media at Florida rally.”

Also… by the way… conservatives cannot win with the left or the establishment republicans…. as can be seen here….

“Leftists and conservative establishment freak out over Milo CPAC speech.”

As anyone who has really HEARD Milo speak very well knows… he is the furthest you can get from alt-right as anyone can be.  He stands for and speaks with common sense and reason… something that is completely lost in the leftists and conservative establishment.

You would think those groups would be so happy that a gay person … whom they believe those who back this decision are so so so against.. is chosen to make the speech.

Who are the homophobics?

That of course has nothing to do with any of this is.

It matters not who you are or what color you are or what gender you are or what your sexuality is. If you do not stand for and profess to believe what the leftists and conservative establishment do… you are toast.



Look again at the sign in the photo above…. “Dump Trump … no hate in Florida”

No hate in that sign?

What about here?

“Leftists attack Melania Trump’s invocation of the Lord’s Prayer”

No hate there?