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Prince Charles On Par With Gore

Hmm.. 96 months.

That is how long we have to save the earth .. before what?  Before it just capsizes on itself… quits producing O2… a hole is produced in the water cycle so it goes dry?

What are we saving it from?

Just curious.

Anyhow.. 96 months is right about on course with Al Gore .. who told us so emphatically that we had ten years to some kind of doomsday somewhere from one to two years ago.

Hmm.. did they meet somewhere to get the facts straight.. or did they read the same book .. or how in the world did they come up with the same time frame?

I guess we should all be shaking in our boots and turning off our lights and our furnaces and our air conditioners and quit buying foods from the grocery store and start growing our own and milking our own cows .. OH not a good idea maybe with all the flatulence that woudl go on…. and not use so much water and no more plastic and bikes instead of cars and no more dishwashers or clothes washers or dryers…..

Hmmm.. we are taking one mighty step backwards … for EARTH’S sake.

Did we really come this far to have to go back so far?

Is there anyone left with any common sense out there in those high lofty places where none of what they preach and command ever ever ever comes close to meaning themsleves included?

Al Gore .. oh he couldn’t possible have any of what he says apply to him .. after all … he came up with the idea.  It is only fair that the rest of us apply it.

Prince Charles?  Well.. he is the Monarchy you know.. and you know how England must expect its Monarchs to live at a certain standard so how could he possibly be expected to follow what he preaches.  After all .. it is the Monarchy and all you British are the servants and it is up to the servants to perform the deeds.. right?

Anyhow… 96 months .. to what?

I guess if we don’t turn out our lights … our heat .. our air .. etc etc etc .. we wil find out for ourselves soon enough .. right?

All but Prince Charles and Al Gore.

They will be exempt.

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