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Prince Harry And The Spirit Of Diana


Is it my imagination … or has the media at times seemed to want Kate to be the new Diana?

I am sure Queen Elizabeth and those surrounding her do not share that desire … however strong or wishful it may be on the media’s part.

However … instead of looking for a new Diana in Kate …the media need only to look at Prince Harry.

There is the real spirit of Diana.

There is Diana … her spirit … her life … her compassion … her caring… the unpretentiousness.

It is all so openly and genuinely shown in Harry where ever he is seen .. whomever he is with … what ever he is doing.

People of all ages are just naturally drawn to him … just as they were to his mother.  They laugh with him at his playfulness, his compassion is felt by them, his spirit draws them to him.

That was Diana.

It is called being real … being true.

Some seem to feel those qualities are a detriment and must be hidden and it is probably a good guess that Harry has been lectured to that effect more than once … most likely much much more than once… but … they are the qualities that make up the man .. just as in the case of his mother.

They were the qualities that made up Diana.

Endearing. Real. Sincere.

How the world has missed that presence in a public figure.

How refreshing to have it returned.

Live on … Prince Harry.

We all love you … just for who you are …not for what you are.

It is the same way we loved your mom.

The world needs a huge touch of realness it can see and you are it … without even trying.

Live on … and thank you for your sacrifice.

Here is an example of that which I speak …. Prince Harry at the Warrior Games.