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Public Outcry Tempers Obama’s School Lesson

This is the first draft of the preliminaries sent to the schools as they were told how to prepare for Obama’s speech to our schoolchildren which would be broadcast  into every school in the country on September 8 .. today… Obama’s Lesson.. K – 12.

The final speech turned out to be a mild mean nothing talk that somehow ended up being all about Obama.

It is over.

When George Bush made a speech to schoolchildren at a Washington state junior high school and it was televised… after the fact it was investigated and hearings were called to examine it .. by the Democrats.

The final draft of the Obama speech .. which differed starkly from Bush’s in nature .. as it was piped into every public classroom in America while Bush’s was a talk to one school that was televised… was a grave difference from what the initial intent had been … so .. no harm foul.

All’s well.

Good job .. America.

Keep it up.

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