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Qaddafi Rule To Sharia Law?

As the confusion goes on in Libya … as Obama stands up to take praise for the ‘liberation’ of Libya … what is really happening there?

It had been reported … as it had been when Egypt was fighting for its ‘liberation’.. that a substantial portion of the backers of these revolutions were made up of the muslim brotherhood.

Now it is being reported that a could be constitution for Libya has already been drafted… and in that constitution it is stated that the law of the land will be sharia law.

Who drafted that law and how much power do they have in Libya?

Will that now be the end result for both Libya and Egypt?

If so.. what price will their citizens have to pay … for what is the worse of two evils… rule by dictatorship or rule by sharia law?

Dictatorship is not freedom.

Sharia law is not dictatorship and is not freedom.

It is follow it or death.

Perhaps Obama should stand back .. wait and see .. before he takes credit for Libya’s liberation.

Perhaps he should refrain from sending our troops in to countries that are not a threat to our security just for the sake of a “photo op” to be used in his campaign for reelection.

Anyone who thinks the muslim brotherhood has stepped back.. toned down.. has given up its drive to rule the world under sharia is only fooling himself.

A dark threat to Egypt revolution..