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Reap What You Sow

You always reap what you sow and Obama et al are beginning to do so now.  Are they really going to be shell shocked or are they intelligent enough to recognize why that which is happening is happening?

Not if they think like Chris Matthews. Wow!

There is not one Democrat who stood behind Obama and all his anti-freedom ideas who can in turn now turn around and point a finger at Obama.  Each who stood there against the voice of the American people … standing behind Obama as he so arrogantly stated … “I WON!” will now pay the price of that foolish indiscretion.

America the sleeping giant is no longer asleep.

The priceless freedom that men and women through the years have fought to preserve will once again be preserved.

Not only are Democrats trying to point the finger of blame at Obama in hopes of saving their own hides  … they are even trying to outrun the fact that they themsleves are Democrats. Bill Clinton is campaigning for a Democrat trying to make that Democrat look like a moderate .. even a conservative … stressing the fact that he did not vote for all of Obama’s bills.

Panic is setting in … and it is too late.  They brought it on themselves by not remembering this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  The people spoke, yelled , screamed.  They chose not to listen.

They are hearing now.  They are listening .. and it is too late.

Had they had the gumption to stand up for what this country stands for … freedom .. when it was being so threatened … had they had the backbone to be men instead of mice in a game of politics … perhaps they would not be sweating the loss of their livelihoods now.

Welcome to the real world .. where everyone sooner or later reaps what he sows.


Our freedom depends on it.

Oh.. and by the way … as Obama calls for trillions of more dollars to be spent on more and more roads and stuff    .…  as he did today … what good are all those great roads with nothing being able to afford to drive on them .. nothing to transport on them?  By the way .. just to make sure nothing can afford to drive on them .. he will offset the trillions he plans to spend by taxing the oil companies more!  Oh .. what a great leader we have here!

Well.. maybe not trillions now.. but at least $50  billion to start .. just another drop in the bucket for Obama et al.

Come quickly … November.