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Religious Repression, Sharia Law or Neither?

Today is the day four Chrisitans will be arraigned in a Dearborn, Michigan court following their arrest on June 18rd for passing out Christian literature and talking about their religion outside of an Arabic international festival in Dearborn.

Fast Tube by Casper

I am all for freedom and the right to hand out literature to those who wish to take it.  I am all for activism when it is to protect our freedoms .. our way of life.

However .. what was the true intent of these people who are members of the Arabic Christian Perspectives, ?  Was it to spread the work of the Gospel or was it to draw attention to themselves or was this maybe .. just maybe … a bit of a nose thumbing  …  a bit of “na na na na na na… look at us ..look at us” … an intentional ruffling of the feathers just so they could say ..” Hey .. look at what they are doing to us!”

Was it all a ruse for the attention .. negative though it may be? Negative attention is attention .. and in today’s world it seems to be the most popular attention.

Worth the chance of an arrest or two?

Of course.  Besides .. someone has to fight against all that reliegious repression going on … and make sure Sharia law never is able to get a toe hold in our land.

There really is no need to manufacture any situation just so you can say … “Hey .. look at what they are doing to us!”  That would be called antagonism.

Of course the arrests should not have been made .. but if those who were arrested had not been playing their silly little game .. they would not have been arrested.  I call it a silly little game because it was serving no purpose except to seemingly test the Dearborn police in seeing how close they .. the activists .. could get to the festival before being stopped. Could they outdo last year?  The year before?

They did not get far.

However .. could this be termed religious repression or the enforcement of Sharia Law?

Perhaps we should just all it what it was. Stupidity beyond all reason on both sides .. silly childish stuff that was meant to serve no purpose except to get arrested on the part of the activists and an over reach on the part of the police who perhaps believed they were stopping a could be riot.

Silly meaningless actions and reactions.  There is enough real repression going on in our country today without anyone trying to manufacture some.

It will be interesting to see how the arraignment goes today.  The case should of course be dismissed … for no matter how silly our motives may be … we still are entitled to freedom of speech.