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Remember Benghazi?

Does anyone remember Benghazi?

Every American student should be shown the true story in the form of the movie….. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi along with the story our government gave to cover up why the Americans fighting for their lives received no help from our military that night when that help was available at a moment’s notice.

It could be an invaluable lesson on how playing politics and using an elective office for personal gain can destroy a country … even one as great as ours… the United States.

The fact that the true Benghazi terrorist attack was covered up and ignored by the main stream press even as Americans were killed is a tragedy that goes beyond words and now with the madness going on trying to find some false fault in President Trump ….. to the point of even suggesting he must PROVE that he did no wrong …  is something every American should be aware of.

The press of course along with the liberal factor in this country wants no one to remember Benghazi … especially Hillary Clinton ….who was our Secretary of State at the time …. who made the unbelievable claim that it was all caused by some film made by some American who apparently … if we are to believe Clinton …. hated someone or other.


Americans died there while help was denied…….

Ambassador Chris Stevens    Sean Smith     Tyrone Woods     Glen Doherty

The lessons needed for all Americans can be learned by seeing the truth as it is happening today… where President Trump is being bombarded from all liberal sides with one goal … to make up some reason to get him out of office.

Luckily for we the people …. President Trump is diligently working as hard as he can to put into place those policies he promised us he would work for for we Americans in spite of all the vitriol spewing all around him.  More and more it seems as though he is working in isolation from most other federally elected Republicans … who refuse to have his back.

We who elected him will always have his back.

Remember Benghazi?