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Remember… Obama Signed The Sequester Into Law

If your plane is delayed due to flight controller furloughs … who are being told to take one day off every other week or so …. or if any other part of this “sequester” deal affects you life in a negative way … remember… Obama is the one who signed the sequester into law.

It was his response to “if you do not give me what I want” with the budget ceiling… remember that?  He said if Congress did not lift the ceiling … if he did not get his way with spending your money … then this law will take effect.

Take effect it has … and with each step the public is warned of dire consequences.

Fear is a great control tool … after all.

Obama made sure his life would not be affected of course … as seen here .. .thanks to Michelle Malkin.

Here is a graph depicting the difference in federal spending… with or without “sequestration”.

Dire affects?

Information from the FAA and others showed that flying Sunday was largely uneventful, with most flights on time. There were delays in parts of Florida, but those were caused by thunderstorms.

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Think the scare tactics are being pushed forward?  Check this out … CBS reports nightmare delays being caused by the flight controllers furloughs…

Now check out this…. Flight Delay Information … Air Traffic  Control System Command Center.

All airlines reporting 1 hr 41 minute delays on departures?  Something sour in the milk?


Couldn’t possibly be.

As you read these.. remember … Obama signed this into law as  a “threat” in case he didn’t get his spending wants.

Spending cuts shut off crucial flood gauges…  and the White House parties stay in place…..

. and the madness goes on.. and on .. and on… as politics plays its favorites…..