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Romney Correct…Free Market Better Than Government

In the wake of the natural disaster on the east coast … the declaration has been made that Mitt Romney would have poor people starve in disasters rather than have the government step in and help … or something to that effect.

There are those who believe the government is the only entity that can get things done ….. ever …. under any conditions …. in any scenario … from disasters to celebrations.

How wrong they are.

Do not tell NYT about the WAffle House Index … thank you HotAir.

Give us freedom .. anytime. It has been so vigorously fought for and defended. It is up to us to make sure not one of those lives has been given in vain … that not one of those minutes given by our military people has been a lost cause.

Fast Tube by Casper

The states have the power through the Constitution.

We the people have the say through the ballot box.