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Sarah … Keep Free Of The Wolves

An Open Letter To Governor Palin:

There is a sense of wolves in the air … sniffing.

You were that breath of fresh air the country was so desperately waiting for when we didn’t even know what we were missing.

Clean wholesome American values. Common sense and reason.  Our soul.

Keep free of the wolves.

They will try to strip you of your soul in the name of politics in an instant.

Your backbone .. your belief in America …  your belief in the ability of Americans to stand up and be tough and do for themselves  … is enough to carry you through… an America based on soul.

Do not allow yourself to be whitewashed by politics.  If that happens … you will no longer be able to stand for yourself much less anyone else.

Clean wholesome American values.

Common sense and reason.

Old fashioned solid family values.

Common sense and reason… honesty … the American soul.

It is what America stands for .. what has made it great and what will keep it great .. no matter how loud and hard the media screams otherwise.

Listen to the wolves … keep free of their pounce.

Stand tall and proud with the knowledge you are right in what you are standing for… a continued strong independent free America.

In that form … we will stand beside you… should you ever choose to step upfront once more.

Just keep free of the wolves.


The Soul of America

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