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Congress Democrats are up to their usual shenanigans … as noted here….  Reid pushes four versions of DREAM act without hearing .. a bill that would cost taxpayers billions.

The madness continues.

Push for extension of unemployment benefits that could “cost 600,000 jobs”… but “tax the rich” who could PROVIDE those jobs.

… and Big Sis is hard at work… “protecting” us all.

The Volt of course is not an all electric car … so I guess somehow they compute the mpg by combining electric power and gas power somehow… but can you explain these headlines in the Detroit News?  “Volt gets 93 mpg using just battery“?

Only the government can spin things so well.

By the way… batteries run on the “dirtiest” energy of all…. for isn’t electricity generated by coal ?  Yet … isn’t  clean coal one of the best sources of energy of all.. and yet  …  isn’t coal one of those “fossil” fuels that just must be stopped in Obama’s eyes?

Oh…  what a tangled web we weave…. in trying to deceive the people.

Oh.. the shenanigans of those who will insist on “leading” us.

The madness rolls on.