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Should Ford Be Worried?

Now that we have O/G Motors in place of Chrysler .. and General Motors is about to be taken into the fold… should Ford be worried?

Obama took in Chrysler obviously to preserve it not from itself but for the UAW .. for Gettelfinger.  Does Obama want to run it?  He wants it under his control and that he now certainly has. 

Of course General Motors will follow no matter how hard they protest.

The die was set the minute they said yes to the money Obama offered them .. not knowing the money had stickies all over it …. permanent stickies meant to ruin those companies as anyone has ever known them forever.

Once this is all done … once the takeover is complete … where will that leave Ford?

After all .. Ford will be the only viable American owned free auto company out there.. and it will do just fine thank you so leave it alone.

Will that happen?

With the stack played so unfairly and politcally against the management teams at Chrysler and General Motors … and against all the creditors who have carried both companies for decades…. how can Ford not already be set in the sights of Obama and co?

It is just a matter of how it will be done .. the squeezing out… the forcing the hand.

The UAW now owns 55% of O/G Motors. Does it really matter what “arm” holds those shares?  It is all UAW.

How in the world can it possiblybegin to negotiate a contract with Ford fairly when the time comes to renew the contract?

Gettelfinger says they will sell those shares for money that will be needed.

Don’t kid yourself.

They will never give up the power that 55% in shares gives them.

Anyone who would think for a second any differently is a fool

Obama got the UAW a car company.. one he can now control with infinite pleasure. Can the UAW now control Ford from that same vantage point?

The damage that the combination of Obama and the unions working together can bring into the lives of any of our free enterprises has the potential to be deadly for us all.

You can answer this question for yourself …  should Ford be worried?

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