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Someone To Take Care Of You And Me …

Every person in this admisinstration should have had more children …. and stayed home to take care of them.

Perhaps then theywouldn’t feel so strongly that we… you and I .. need taking care of … from being told how and what to drive right down to how much salt we can eat.

It really is getting rather tiresome… and it looks like it won’t be slowing down any time soon……………

In California … lawmakers are prepared to outlaw McDonald Happy Meal toys.

What?  Yes.  They say they not only make kids happy but make them fat.  You will not bribe your children with them and cause them to become obese.

This country’s government people.. not leaders … are completely and totally out of control

Happy meal toys?  No more needs be said about that… other than the sad fact that there are people who would be happy to see such a law made.


Now.. as for government motors.. once highly respected General Motors… was touted so very highly by Obama et al.. which includes the mainstream press… for having paid off its government loan.

Fast Tube by Casper

In truth it only paid a small part of of the somewhere around 50 million it recieved … and that was paid off with tazpayer money that Obama had put into an escrow account for the company when he took over the company.

GM recieved the loan at a 7% interest rate.

Now .. since they “paid back” the first loan so efficiently … GM has applied for a new loan from the Department of Energy .. this one for 10 million to retool their plants to meet the new CAFE standards set by Obama.  This loan will be at a 5% interest rate.  In reality .. the loan was “paid off” because Government Motors was applying for more money.. this time from the Department of Energy.. and it really would not look good if it somehow was not “shown” that the old loan was “repaid”…. all sleight of hand… trick mirrors … all to fool the people…. and how many are ingnorant enough to have been fooled by this?

So Government Motors has repaid a small part of a large loan to the government from government money.. all taxpayer money of course.. the government has no money of its own…. and will now get more taxpayer money in another loan.

Wonderful… and this is the government that people want to takeover our entire financial system.

Now for the Arizona immegration law.

The law signed there is absolutely no differently written than the federal immigration law.  Why does Obama et al so vigorously oppose it?

Well… perhaps it is because this law will be enforced. Obama cannot afford that.  He needs every illegal vote he can find come November.  Of course he has to pass his amnesty law first to do that.

It is a great time we live in… and keep an eye on one more aspect of your life to be regulated… how much salt you will be allowed to take in in the food you buy.

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