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Nippon Airlines Stepping Beyond Ridiculous

It was only a matter of time … once cows were able to be taxed for their “carbon emissions”… this mad step beyond ridiculous.  

All Nippon Airways of Japan has had agents at the gate of each flight asking all passengers to relieve themselves before getting on the airplane… their claim to fame in the fight against carbon emissions.

The theory is lighter passengers take up less fuel to fly a therefore lighter plane .. thus emitting less carbon.

The madness of the carbon crowd increases …. and all pay the price… all for some idea that is based on human fantasy … certainly not science.

What has happened to human intelligence?

Where has it disappeared to?

How did so many people with so little common sense get into such high places in busines, government … society in general … where they are able to affect so many lives?

This latest is a step beyond ridiculous.  The question is how far beyond ridiculous will these people go?

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