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Stirring The Pot

Know who you vote for in November.

That is just what Sen. Jim DeMint is attempting to make sure we do… as he calls out all those Republicans or any other party affiliation lawmakers in Washington who do not have the heart of the people first in their sites… stirring the pot that is Washington with just the kind of stick it needs to be stirred with.

“I hope I am a threat to the so-called establishment here in Washington.”

“I see press reports of anonymous staff members, cowards, saying things they won’t say to me,” he says. “But actually, a lot of Republicans here will whisper to me that, you know, ‘Keep up the fight.'”

“There’s a real American awakening that’s not just Republicans,” he told Fox News. “Forty percent of Tea Party [members] are Democrats and Independents. And it’s really exciting, I think, that they’re rising up and throwing out Democrats and Republicans. I think we’re going to have a new Congress that speaks for the people after November.”

We can overturn all of the liberal seats in Washington in November .. but if we put in their places people who discount the people of this country .. who believe as the current majority in Congress believes.. that the people really know nothing .. that they in Washington are the ones who know what is best for this country and they alone… then we will have on our hands the same scenario we have now and Obama will use them just as he has used the people sitting in those seats now.

The following should never have to be said here in America.  There should not be one American who would not stand up for the greatness .. the goodness .. the freedom of this country at the drop of a hat… yet it does have to be said … as the threat to all of us has come in such a sly sneaky way .. right from the midst of us.

When looking who to vote for … look for those who are fighting for our rights in our own back yards and all around the world …  those who would stand with their lives to protect our freedom… those who value and know the priceless value of this freedom.

Look for those who really truly care about this country and are not looking for a seat of power where they can make thousands of dollars with ease.

Look for those who are running for election for the right reasons .. to represent you .. who are and will always put rights before personal gain.

Look for those who value your intelligence .. and give you credit for it by listening to your voice.

Was there a day when every single American would automatically stand up .. put all he has forward … and defend this country no matter what the cost?

Look for those who will stir the pot with their heads high and back strong.

Look for common sense.

We cannot afford to find out what we have by losing it.

Once it is lost we will never be able to retrieve it.

Vote in November and know who you are voting for.

Your freedom does really depend on it.

By the way .. know “how to succeed in business?  Really try“.