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Surprise! Global Warming Hoax Really Is Just That

Now we are having proof shown to us that the global warming has indeed been trumped up by people who would … what .. benefit most monetarily once they got all the fools to agree with them ..all  the suckers in the world to gladly give and give and give to “save this planet”?

Surprise … surprise.

Has not your common sense told you all along what a fraud this all has been and is and will always be as .. for as far as they can push it?

Every reputable scientist in the world has refuted it.  Anyone with any common sense at all knows it would not even be worth responding to but for the fact that what the global warming crowd is trying to do is so totally disruptive to our lives … and our freedom.

Even if you have no faith in God of any kind … our innate knowledge tells us “manmade global warming ” is nothing more than a myth.

Do  people confuse global warming with pollution?  They are two separate and completely different things.

Man cannot influence global warming.  He can influence pollution. .. cause it .. clean if up.  Pollution can cause smog and thereby health hazards. Pollution does not cause global warming.

Global warming has somehow been changed to climate change and then back again.  It seems to go with the way the wind is blowing.  If the weather is too cold… it is referred to as climate change.  If it gets too warm.. it is global warming.

All energy comes from the sun.

Man cannot control the sun.

If we have cooler weather …  look at the sun.

If we have hotter weather … look at the sun.

The arrogance of man to really try to make others believe they are at “fault” by their lifestyles for the destruction of this planet by causing “climate change” or “global warming” is just unbelievable.

That arrogance is even more so unbelievable now that we are finding  out to what the lengths they have gone through to try to make this hoaz stick.

Will it now all fall apart or will those at the helm still go on pretending even in the face of this latest news?

Obama said to day he will still push through his cap and trade.  How many sheep will still follow him?

Will the media fall in line and find eczuses for it all … and still uphold their “findings” as legitimate?

Will people still flock to the “green” cause like a bunch of sheep .. totally drinking up the kool-aid no matter what the facts are?

If we were living in a sane world … none of this global warming … green stuff .. would ever have gone beyond step one.

Just the fact that anyone would have to be shown proof that mad made global warming really is a hoax is enough to tell us all that true wisdom seems to have been dissipated to a very dangerous level  … common sense even more so.

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