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Government As A Competitor

When government competes … nothing is fair. Toyota is the target and it has no chance against the Obama administration. Toyota is   non-union and needs to be taught a lesson. Ford will be next in one way or another … simply because it is successful. It happens because government is never a competitor .. […]

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ACORN … You Reap What You Sow

A bit of great news comes from Michigan concerning ACORN … and it is a case of you reap what you sow. The fact that there is whining going on about the closing of ACORN offices in Michigan is just pathetic.  Those who were working for them should be thankful to be free from an […]

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Money, Money, Money… Oh Where Art Thou?

Money, money, money. It is all everyone seems to want … at least everyone in this administration. Oh … where art thou .. money? You may not know it … in fact you know the truth to be just the opposite of that which they want … who? … to believe… that you have so […]

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ACORN In Its Full Glory

This says it all. How much more is needed before our money… the taxpayers money .. is shut off and ACORN is shut down? Fast Tube by Casper Is the main stream media paying attention yet? Where does Obama fit in ACORN? I guess the answer will be “silence is golden” … or “if we […]

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ACORN And Obama

With the disclosures going on concerning ACORN .. it is a must to understand Obama’s hand in ACORN. There has been a lot of chatter concerning Obama and his ties to ACORN… and wondering just what they are and how deep they are. Here is a great ariticle to read that shows just what ACORN […]

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ACORN HUD Funding Shut Off In Senate .. Not Enough

With all the heat on ACORN via the investigative work done by two young thinkers … the Senate has just passed the Johann’s Amendment 2355 which says…. Senator Johanns: (3:14 PM) · Called up the Johanns Amendment #2355 to H.R. 3288 · Spoke in favor of the Johanns Amendment #2355 to H.R. 3288. “Mr. President, the people […]

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ACORN And The Census

Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota has a thought that everyone should consider .. and an action. Today 8.5 billion dollars is available to ACORN through Obama … a former employee of ACORN.  Up to now … since 1994 .. ACORN has recieved 43 million dollars. ACORN … the  Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now … […]

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