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It Just Had To Come To This

How could it not have come to this .. Obama ready to accept the Taliban as part of Afghanistan’s rule .. even to relegating a portion of the country to them. He must be planning some diplomatic talks with them by now.. don’t you think? Though aides stress that the president’s final decision on any […]

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Obama Stepping Up

Obama .. stepping up to an Afghanistan decision…. … and politics comes first…. always always comes first with Obama … as is illustrated below so clearly in the analysis of what may come in to play in that decision for Afghanistan  …. An alternative to the current strategy, backed by Vice President Joe Biden, would […]

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Bits And Pieces

U.S. says Iran talks could open doors … sort of like the childhood tale “Little Red Riding Hood” or simply the chickens inviting the fox into their chicken coop. Peter Galbraith fired as deputy head of U.N. mission in Afghanistan slams U.N. over Afgan vote … finding out personally what most Americans have always known.. […]

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Obama The Pushee

Obama can fly at the drop of a hat to Copenhagen.. he can take four helicopters or whatever it was to New York for a date night  then change the next date night to a nearby average priced “common man” eatery …. to counteract the negative reaction to the extravagnace of the New York date […]

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And They Are Released WHERE?

If you need a convincing reason not to close Guantanamo Bay prison.. here it is…. One released prisoner is leading the Taliban in leading the fight against United States marines in Afghanistan. And you think they should be brought to our shores … to be kept in our prisons.. on our land? Perhaps more should […]

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