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Time For Some To Get A Life

It is time these people who must spend every waking hour of theirs .. and more… on thinking up schemes to make us fear we are going to self implode the erarth if we don’t just quit living completely get a life of their own. Al Gore is just so pleased to be announcing to […]

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Prince Charles On Par With Gore

Hmm.. 96 months. That is how long we have to save the earth .. before what?  Before it just capsizes on itself… quits producing O2… a hole is produced in the water cycle so it goes dry? What are we saving it from? Just curious. Anyhow.. 96 months is right about on course with Al […]

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Disarming America … To Set The Example

How naive is Obama? Is he as naive as he seems to be on the subject of America disarming its nukes? He said to Medvedev in Russia that it is up to Russia and America to set the example if it wants other countries to not make nuclear arms. “It’s naïve for us to think,” […]

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