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HURRAY .. America!

The day after .. and now the fun begins. This country is based on conservatism.  That fact is now proven. See that here. We love our freedom and will do what we must to preserve it. Now the responsiblility falls on our hands to keep a watch on those put into office yesterday.  It is […]

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Signing Away Freedom

A dear old family friend who came to the United States at the time of the holocaust once said … “Americans don’t realize that with every permit they are required to purchase .. one more bit of their freedom has been lost.” Our government has been signing away our freedom at a hysterically ridiculous rate […]

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We The People

This has to be the most hopeful news of the day  …. We the people… we are back. Obama is living in such a void … a place of unreality where he seems to hear or see nothing that is going on in the real world. It matters not how much we the people have […]

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If Only………………

If only Barack Obama had a knowledge of what this country really is .. what it stands for .. .what it has meant and continues to mean for the entire world. If only he knew what American freedom really is .. what the American dream really is… what American charity really is. If only he […]

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Will Someone Get Real?

When oh when will someone quit worrying about bowing to groups for votes and CARE ABOUT THIS COUNTRY???? It is just unreal that so many politicians… left or right .. up or down …on the national level…. think FIRST of what VOTES his position will cost him rather than WHAT HIS POSITION WILL COST THIS […]

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Obama/Geithner Plan For Takeover Of America’s Finances

Here is Geithner … promising financial takeover is “absolutely in the cards”. Read the bill yourself..  The Financial Reform Legislation Bill.. Read The  Hertage Foundation’s take…. Do Americans realize at all just how devastating this would be to all of us?  It is a complete takeover of every aspect of the financial system in this […]

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The Tea Partiers And Taxes And Stuff

If you have never attended a tea party … you should make it a point to attend one. One thing you will see is that the tea partiers are not about eliminating taxes .. nor are they about politics.  The meaning of what they stand for is so much more. It is all about American […]

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Spirit’s Right

Have you flown lately? If you have … you should have some idea of just why Spirit decided to impose a $45 carry on bag charge on its passengers who wish to carry luggage onto the plane instead of having it checked into baggage. Perhaps to avoid the $30 bag charge on checked baggage, perhaps […]

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Is This Where We May Be?

Is this where we may be? If the national health care bill of Obama is passed and signed into law today… is this were we will be? “Collectivism justifies any means to achieve its great ends. Any expediency is justified, no matter how it may affect individuals or small groups, for the benefit of the […]

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Uh Oh

Scott Brown voted for the jobs bill … and people eveywhere gasped. They shouldn’t have. Just from the fact of where he lives is enough to tell everyone that he.. Scott Brown .. would never be the same conservative Republican found in other parts of the country.  The single fact that he would not vote […]

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Yes.   A simple yes. Oh sure .. he made his mistakes … we all do that .. BUT … he did not threaten to take away our freedom .. he put our national security as his number one priority .. he would never ever have gone around the world apologizing for us .. much […]

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Van Jones And Freedom In America

Van Jones needs to be made known to the American people. He is currently the “czar” appointed by Obama.. as all his czars are.. appointed by Obama and Obama alone… and is the “greeen jobs czar” in the Department of Environmental Quality… the “special advisor for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental […]

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