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Do As We Say .. Not As We Do

Can you .. an American citizen … walk in to Mexico … get work there.. stay there without legal permission? No .. and the President of Mexico … Calderon … says so very clearly. Yet .. he has the nerve to come over to our country and denounce the nerve of America to demand that […]

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While We Sleep

Awful things can happen while we sleep. One such is the bill in Congress right now that would require states to track the BODY MASS of all children 2 through 18 and report it to the federal health department each year… report to the “federal fat police”. Can you believe that? Another bill about to […]

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Someone To Take Care Of You And Me …

Every person in this admisinstration should have had more children …. and stayed home to take care of them. Perhaps then theywouldn’t feel so strongly that we… you and I .. need taking care of … from being told how and what to drive right down to how much salt we can eat. It really […]

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You Just Must Laugh

There is much humor to be found in the midst of all the agony of watching what Obama et al are trying to do to our country. This photo was taken at a Sarah Palin rally in Eugene, Oregon. ¬†Go to the original site and take a back look at the other photos there… right […]

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