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Wasted. President Obama. Benghazi.  IRS targeting.  Phone record taps by Department of Justice. Here he is … caught in the middle of a barrage of scandals that he would like to just hide his head away from and deny even knowing about … but … realistically there is no way he can get away with […]

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Benghazi Attack “Not An Issue”

And now…. the attack on our embassy and the killing of four Americans there is no longer an issue … so says who????? Joe Klein of Time Magazine … that’s who…  thanks to Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters. The madness goes on… … and here is a breath of reality to soothe it a bit…  Governor […]

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Where Oh Where Is Hillary?

With this latest ‘explanation’ of how or why the attack on our embassy in Benghazi happened ….   Fast Tube by Casper   … you would think Hillary would be up in the face of the White House letting the real truth be told… whatever that may be. Hmmmmmmm …. Where oh where is Hillary? […]

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