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Nippon Airlines Stepping Beyond Ridiculous

It was only a matter of time … once cows were able to be taxed for their “carbon emissions”… this mad step beyond ridiculous.   All Nippon Airways of Japan has had agents at the gate of each flight asking all passengers to relieve themselves before getting on the airplane… their claim to fame in […]

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Earth Day???

It is earth day .. but isn’t every day?  We enjoy our God given environment every day. Just because of the buzz given this day .. my first reaction is to turn all the lights on in the house … keep them on all day… to use just a huge over abundance of hot water […]

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Global Warming .. the ignorance of the proponents.

Global waming .. climate change …  common sense tells us it is a natural cycle of our universe. Only the ignorant .. the truly ignorant .. can be a proponent of man’s ability to cause global warming. When and how did it become something man is supposed to fear? Was it in the 70’s with […]

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