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The Tea Partiers And Taxes And Stuff

If you have never attended a tea party … you should make it a point to attend one. One thing you will see is that the tea partiers are not about eliminating taxes .. nor are they about politics.  The meaning of what they stand for is so much more. It is all about American […]

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Madness Enfolds

Oh the madness of it all….. Charles Krauthammer says it all…   Nuclear nonproliferation insanity…. Prime Minister Netanyahu says no thank you.. Can you blame him? Members of Congress reamin lily white as they scold so righteously …    The whiplashing…. That is bad for you .. .and for the kids!      Removing the danger… […]

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Hopenchange Gone Global

I am beginning to feel we  Americans owe an apology to this whole wide world … thanks to Obama and his exhilerating hopenchange which he really has taken global. Slapping Friends …  Charles Krauthammer Let’s  trust our friends have come to know Obama as we have and know he is not a reflection of some […]

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