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The New “Terrorist”

If you would like a small little peek into what kind of tactics our country is being destroyed by .. you need to watch this. I label it a small peek because that is all it is. We can only imagine from this how big it really is beyond that which we have access to. […]

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The Known Forced Bankruptcy

It comes out now … the already known truth .. that Obama had decided long before setting the table for Chrysler that there was no way Chrysler would not be allowed to do anything but go into bankruptcy so that he … Obama … could have his plans for Chrysler be put into place .. […]

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Just Another Muddled Morning

Obama says national debt is unsustainable and will cause skyrocketing interest rates. HUH? He hasn’t known this .. a simple fact of life… you spend too much.. you pay the cost? In the same breath .. he says people have a right to their credit.. and you slinking credit card companies with your slinking sneaky […]

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Chrysler’s Bankruptcy and Takeover

As Chrylers’s bankruptcy filing and takeover goes on there are questions everywhere. The UAW .. who has not put a penny into Chrysler’s purchase owns 55% of the company. Those creditors who have kept Chrysler running are kicked to the ditch. Obama says Fiat will get nothing until all taxpayer money is repaid yet […]

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The Truth Peeks Through

Is it the truth peeking through? As Obama pushes Chrysler into a bankruptcy prepared by Obama …. it is set up so Fiat will step in and take over Chrysler .. paving the way forĀ Fiat “to produce its first model with Chrysler in 2011 if the accord between the companies is approved”… Fiat chief Sergio […]

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