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Government As A Competitor

When government competes … nothing is fair. Toyota is the target and it has no chance against the Obama administration. Toyota is   non-union and needs to be taught a lesson. Ford will be next in one way or another … simply because it is successful. It happens because government is never a competitor .. […]

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Outrageous And Sinister

White House cuts exec pay by 90% . That is right.  Ninety percent. Outrageous. Where does the Constitution give anyone the right to cut anyone’s pay other than the employee of that person whose pay is in question? Obama has “bailed out ” these companies with the skewered idea that it therefore gives him control […]

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Steve Rattner vs Wagoner

Steve Rattner … a person with no experience ever in car production or car company management … walked in to denigrate General Motors and Chrysler and now  has chosen to do the same to one of the top men in the industry ever .. Rick Wagoner. Wagoner’s departure was “a bigger part of the story […]

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Marc Dreier … A Parallel?

Sixty Minutes had the following on their show on Sunday, October 4th. Mark Dreier: The Swindler Hard Time The fact that Mark Dreier is a swindler is undisputed.  What does strike home is how what he did could parallel what Obama did to General Motors and Chrysler. Of course … it wasn’t money swindled directly […]

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The Known Forced Bankruptcy

It comes out now … the already known truth .. that Obama had decided long before setting the table for Chrysler that there was no way Chrysler would not be allowed to do anything but go into bankruptcy so that he … Obama … could have his plans for Chrysler be put into place .. […]

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The Takeover

The saying was if the car companies coughed .. the country got a cold. Now the car compnanies are being taken over … by the government. Does anyone seriously think this is where Obama will stop? He has taken over Chrysler … given it to the UAW … and to Fiat who in turn has […]

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Brief Synopsis..Obama’s Auto Companies

Ford, Chrysler and General Motors executives go to Washington D.C. to plead their plight for a government loan … to get them through this tough economic time .. after all it is the government and its mandates along with  the Union demands that have squeezed them to this point of death. The autocompany executives are […]

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Oh Really?

Gettelfinger said today the UAW has no intention of keeping the O/G Motors stock it has been given. Oh really? That can be about as believable as Obama’s statement denying any knowleddge of the New York Air Force I flyover. By the way … who in the world do you think is going to buy […]

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