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Time For Some To Get A Life

It is time these people who must spend every waking hour of theirs .. and more… on thinking up schemes to make us fear we are going to self implode the erarth if we don’t just quit living completely get a life of their own. Al Gore is just so pleased to be announcing to […]

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Prince Charles On Par With Gore

Hmm.. 96 months. That is how long we have to save the earth .. before what?  Before it just capsizes on itself… quits producing O2… a hole is produced in the water cycle so it goes dry? What are we saving it from? Just curious. Anyhow.. 96 months is right about on course with Al […]

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Global Warming #24563

The earth hasn’t warmed in 8 or 10 years. In fact it is now cooling. Therefore …  it is  no longer called global warming.  It is now climate change.  Therefore the cap and trade bill is now referred to as the climate change bill which will cap carbon emissions which are responsible for global warming […]

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Earth Day???

It is earth day .. but isn’t every day?  We enjoy our God given environment every day. Just because of the buzz given this day .. my first reaction is to turn all the lights on in the house … keep them on all day… to use just a huge over abundance of hot water […]

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Global Warming .. the ignorance of the proponents.

Global waming .. climate change …  common sense tells us it is a natural cycle of our universe. Only the ignorant .. the truly ignorant .. can be a proponent of man’s ability to cause global warming. When and how did it become something man is supposed to fear? Was it in the 70’s with […]

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The Greening Of The Planet … first on the list.

“ littering “… “turn off those lights before you leave the room” … “don’t run all the hot water out with your shower” … common sense thoughts and statements we all have used.. and still use on a daily basis. Yet… somehow we are supposed to feel we have done everything but good as far […]

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