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Madness Enfolds

Oh the madness of it all….. Charles Krauthammer says it all…   Nuclear nonproliferation insanity…. Prime Minister Netanyahu says no thank you.. Can you blame him? Members of Congress reamin lily white as they scold so righteously …    The whiplashing…. That is bad for you .. .and for the kids!      Removing the danger… […]

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Washington Is Working Perfectly

Polls say about 75% of Americans feel Washington is broken… but in fact Washington is working perfectly. If you look at what has happened in the past year … since Obama took his seat in the Oval Office … it would seem as though nothing much has happened.. other than Obama going around the world […]

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Hold Steady.. All You Responsible Congressmen

Hold steady … all you responsible Congressmen in Washington. NO MORE SPENDING. The bipartisan jobs bill is just another sign of what this administration is all about.  It will never be satisifed with anything but spenidng, spending and more spending … and pork and pork and more pork. Look at what they did here…. No […]

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Pelosi Protects Her People

Nancy Pelosi has vowed to shield her people in the House .. to keep them from having to “stick their necks our” in controversial votes for the people. She is doing this for one reason only of course .. to help protect their seats … their jobs. You see … taking the hard stand on […]

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In Perpetuity To The Folly Called Congress

Look at the faces.  See the ultimate look of triumph.  See what they have accomplished. It looks and sounds like “Dick and Jane”… sorry.. Dick and Jane. The ultimate sign of the complete juvenile behavior of our Congress screams out in bold red letters in what has to be the greatest folly yet of mankind […]

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D.C. Power

Some interesting browsing…………  enjoy. Bank of America .. Obama controlled How Democrats handle investigations of their fellow men “… a political decision and not a military one.” Justice Department dictates to voters The mighty dollar……… Sharing defense secrets with China….. Cap and trade truth…… Oh the pride of it all….. Misused power…… Misused money.. more.. […]

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Point Made … Congresswoman

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter makes a point here very clearly .. the point so many of us are trying to make to the federal government. Fast Tube by Casper Exactly.  The Constitution does not say the federal government can do any of those things.. so why does it take this power into its hands on its […]

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D.C. On A Roll

D.C. is on a roll … which may be a death roll for all of us. 2.5 trillion dollars… and that is above and beyond the everyday budget that had already been planned for last year. That is what has been spent  in new dollars in Washington D.C. by Obama and with the approval of […]

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