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And One Voice Only Will Be Heard

Napolitano has deemed it necessary that one voice and one voice only shall be heard in the TSA. No controversial websites will be allowed to enter any of “her” hallowed ground. Tsa to block “controversial opinion” on the web. Is this not a matter of freedom to make up one’s own mind about things … […]

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The Obama Audacity

Obama spoke to the graduating seniors at Hampton University today.  I find this part  just totally insulting to every American ….. “What’s at stake is more than our ability to outcompete other nations. It’s our ability to make democracy work in our own nation. Years after he left office, decades after he penned the Declaration, […]

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The Cream Of The Crop

This speaks for itself. Obama has the gall to mock the “tea partiers”… those calling for fiscal responsibility and wishing to get our country back on keel as far as the Constitution of our nation goes. How and when did things ever get so twisted and backwards? We need more people like Governor Christie. November […]

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H.R. 45..Obama’s Gun Package

If you value every aspect of the Constitution .. if you value our right to bear arms.. you need to read this … and get in the fight against it. U.S. Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia has a message for you here. We really are in a fight for our freedom from every side. We […]

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Just Keep Knocking Them Down

This administration with all its arrogance is unbelievable. If they don’t agree with you .. if they bring out negative facts … knock them down.  No matter what they say just knock them down.  Knock them hard enough and no one will ever believe a thing they say. Intimidate in any way you can … […]

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Defending Freedom .. Our Greatest Right

Freedom is our greatest right and our Constitution stands strong in protection of it .. as it always has. It is our duty to defend it. Obama went to Nevada. It was one of his stops on his campaign route to help Democrats who are beginning to show trouble in what will be their fight […]

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Revisiting History

A short vacation in Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas of Virginia and Maryland and Pennsylvania saw me revisiting history in a manner that brought home all the conflicts of today … causing me to wish each and every American could revisit history in the same way … right now .. today. If that were […]

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Point Made … Congresswoman

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter makes a point here very clearly .. the point so many of us are trying to make to the federal government. Fast Tube by Casper Exactly.  The Constitution does not say the federal government can do any of those things.. so why does it take this power into its hands on its […]

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