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Bits And Pieces

Perhaps you would like to know where some of your tax dollars are going this beautiful summer morning. ┬áIn Detroit .. or rather … Birmingham .. adjoining Detroit .. a “free” breakfast is being handed out to whoever shows up at a breakfast house there .. paid for by your dollars given to Chrysler by […]

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When Government And Unions Takes Care

If you think government does good of the people, by the people and for the people…. …. check this out. Fast Tube by Casper Perhaps you are one who has believed all of Obama’s promises. This is the end result of the same kind of dreamers. Do for yourself .. no one else can… … […]

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Obamastash Being Given In Detroit

Thousands of people in Detroit have lined up for applications for money being given out as welfare payments by the state from the stimulus money. Stimulus money? Being given for welfare? Michigan has a welfare program in place. First of all need to understand a large chunk of the stimulus money… my and your […]

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